• What is needed to provide a quote on Guestrooms?  Meetings/Property?  Resort Map?  Area Map?  Eye Level Renderings?

  • How are the sizes of floorplans determined?

  • What additional materials or information is needed to proceed with a project, once the Estimate is approved?

  • What if photos are not available?


Which mobile booking page would more likely appeal to the emerging client base?


In the smart phone age, it is crucial to market your hotel efficiently and visually. The younger generations will be more engaged with eye catching visual representations of your hotel, rather than paragraphs and bullet point descriptions.


Hotel bookings on mobile devices has gone up 33% year over year since 2014. The overall percentage will gradually increase, especially as the younger generations become the majority of consumers.

Photos vs Render phone.jpg


Which meeting space floorplan would be more likely to impress a meeting planner and convince them to book their next function at this hotel? 2D has it's uses, but not in eCommerce and marketing.

Perhaps it’s time to get a head start on this rapidly growing industry trend. By not just adding the 3D renders, but advertising them as well, you will be reaching the younger and future generation of customers. Not to mention having a very simple and effective way of standing out in an ocean of competition.

PHLLD comparison.png


If a photo says a thousand words, a detailed 3D render says 5 thousand. Each 3D render includes every detail featuring custom made furniture, fixtures and other items. We use photo textures to ensure the 3D models are rendered as accurately as possible. If your property is unique, so will your 3D layouts. 


Your guests can simply glance at a single 3D render image and understand the room features as well as the differences between room types. Just by looking at this render, the client can see the following features:


  • Kitchenette

  • Cooktop

  • Microwave

  • Full size refrigerator

  • Dishwasher

  • Dining table

  • Living room

  • Balcony

  • Double Beds

  • Shower

Also clearly seen are the modern appliances, décor, fixtures and wood flooring. The current method of conveying all of this information is to spell out all of these features as well as show several photographs.

B2 Suite.png