We are looking forward to working on your map updates. There are two main types of changes that need to be completed by mid-April:


Logo Update Only

Replacement of New Balance elements with new Gear Lending elements.


Map Design Update

Updating the outdated style of map to be compliant with current Westin Standards.

Logo Update Only


Map Design Update - Entire

Map Design Update.png

Map Design Update - Slight

While the map on the left may look updated, the actual colors do not conform the the specific brand standards. The map on the right represents the precise brand specifications. 

Colors are Non-compliant.png

Map Design Update & Revisions

While the outdated map is being updated to the new design, revisions to the actual map can be made upon request. This includes changes to routes, labels, points of interest, etc...

Map Design Update and Actual Map Change.

Area Map Update - Optional

We can also update any other non-compliant maps, including Area Maps. The map shown on top represents the outdated design.

AREA MAP - Outdated Version On Top

Floorplan Update - Optional

We can also update any other non-compliant floorplans, including Meeting Space and Property Layouts. The floorplan shown on left represents the outdated design.

Outdate Floorplan vs Up-to-date.png

New Maps

If a new map is needed, we will need a Google Map created. Please follow the detailed instructions shown in the downloadable PDF below. Please create the Google map along with filling out the form below.